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2019 Leaders Circle Members

Leaders CircleOur Leaders Circle is a year-round program for individuals dedicated to making play possible for children in need. Your personal cash donation of $250 or more enrolls you in the Leaders Circle, a group dedicated to funding critical programs that impact youth in the U.S. and around the world. Thank you to our Leaders Circle members for supporting our core programs and national partnerships.

Diamond ($2,500+)

David Hargreaves
Caren Shalek

Platinum Plus ($1,500-$2499)

Howard Beige
Robert Pasin

Platinum ($1,000-$1,499)

John Amerman
Kathleen Campisano
Alan Hassenfeld
Peter Henseler 
Tim Kilpin
Reuben Klamer
Rick & Lori Locker
Jerry Perez

Gold ($500-$999)

Richard & Dana Dickson
Peter Eio
Barabara Fitzgerald
Thomas Kalinske
Michael Keaton
Thomas Keoughan
Gile Meyer
Stephen Mickelberg
Maura Regan
Laurie Sharrock & Duncan Billing

Silver ($250-$499)

Renee Adams
Courtney Adeleye
Denis Allais
Andrea Barthello
Bernadette Boyle
Dominique Brais
Peter Cassidy 
Maxine Clark
Andrew Clarke 
Sharon Diminico
Howard Fleischer
Les Friedland
Alan Gill
Elizabeth Kalodner
Linda Kapnick
Julie Kerwin

JoAnn & Albert Marengo
Anne McConnell
Sean McGowan
Steve Meyer
Anna Mowbray
Douglas Mrdeza
Brian & Sue Murphy
Tom Neville
Beatrice Pardo
Jim Petrone
Andrew Quartin
Beth Reling
Ron Reyes
Michael Simpson
Jerry Smith
Lee Ann Taylor


This list is current as of 11/11/2019.

You can join the 2019 Leaders Circle by donating $250 or more today. Support children in need while receiving fun and valuable membership benefits.

Thank you to the Leaders Circle members for making play possible for so many children.