Spotlight on Toy Bank Donor: Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld

crazy-aarons-puttyworldApril 1, 2019 | Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld has been a consistent supporter of The Toy Foundation (TTF) and thousands of children in need have benefitted from their generous donations to TTF’s Toy Bank. Toy News Tuesday editors sat down with Aaron Muderick, president of the Philadelphia-based company and member of The Toy Association’s Board of Directors, to discuss the central role of philanthropy in the company’s mission.

Why is it important for Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld to support The Toy Bank and to give back to children in need?

Muderick:We have been supporting The Toy Bank since 2015, when our marketing team won second place in TTF’s Game On! competition that encouraged toy companies to develop compelling marketing campaigns that helped raise funds to give the gift of play to children in need through local charities. We donated the $2,500 prize to Tent 13, a division of the Philadelphia chapter of Variety Children’s Charities. As we learned more about TTF’s mission, we started thinking of additional ways to partner and we’ve been lending our support ever since.

For the last few years, we have been running a Giving Tuesday promotion that benefits the Foundation directly. For every tin of putty that’s bought at retail, we donate a tin to TTF. In 2017, we donated hundreds of tins from our web sales alone. This past Giving Tuesday (November 27), we extended the promotion to all the stores that sell our product, resulting in a donation of nearly 1,000 tins and a heightened awareness of TTF to consumers.

What are some of the developmental skills that putty helps build in children?

Muderick: Thinking Putty® is unique in that it helps build a multitude of developmental skills. The tactile nature of the product naturally encourages dynamic play through stretching, bouncing, and twisting. Creativity is enhanced through sculpting and art play, or by using one of our Mixed by Me® Thinking Putty kits to create customized colors.

And perhaps most importantly, we’ve heard from customers about how Thinking Putty has helped them or their children cope with cognitive and behavioral disorders, sensory issues, and other issues that have kept them from reaching their full potential. During times of stress or transition, Thinking Putty is an easy way to calm down, be mindful, and self-soothe.

What else does your company do to give back?

Muderick: Philanthropy is woven into the moral fabric of the Crazy Aaron’s organization. We consistently donate to regional children’s organizations, like Cradles to Crayons and the Ronald McDonald House, as well as to local schools, hospitals, and day programs.

In addition, a large part of our philanthropic program includes the special needs community. For close to 20 years, Crazy Aaron’s has been employing people challenged with physical, mental, and social disabilities. They work as a team to help produce Thinking Putty, developing skills and gaining economic self-sufficiency along the way.

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