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Why Should My Company Partner with TTF Through a Financial Donation?

Deliver the magic of play to deserving kids! We'll proudly recognize your support and we encourage you to share your commitment with your constituents as well. Your employees and customers/clients will be proud to know that your company believes in giving back, especially to society's most vulnerable citizens – disadvantaged children.

TTF uses funds responsibly. 97% of your donation will go directly to programs for children in need, including delivering donated toys to kids who are homeless, in military families, or foster care, among others, as well as funding the grants we provide to community charities across the map to improve the lives of children in need through play.

What Are the Options for Making Corporate Donations?

There are many opportunities for corporate giving!

  • Does your company have a philanthropic activities budget through which you seek to support worthy causes?
  • Do your employees and/or clients want to pull together to collect or raise funds to help kids in need?
  • Are you seeking impactful and visible sponsorship opportunities?

Every dollar donated to TTF allows us to deliver the joy of play to 6 children. Donations may be submitted in the form of a check (to The Toy Foundation, 1375 Broadway, Suite 1001, NY, NY 10018) or by credit card.

No donation is too small to make a difference, however, we proudly offer the following Corporate Patron giving levels to recognize our partners:

  • Champions ($20,000+)
  • Benefactors ($10,000 - $19,999)
  • Philanthropists ($5,000 - $9,999)
  • Supporters ($1,000 - $4,999)
  • Friends ($500 - $999)
  • Contributors ($100 - $499)

How Are Corporate Donors Recognized?

  • Your company name proudly listed on our website, in our Annual Report, and in the Toy of the Year Awards Tribute Book – the official program of the “Oscars” of the toy industry! All listings are optional.
  • Periodic personal updates, including photos, demonstrating the difference your support makes for kids who need you. You are welcomed and encouraged to share with your team and clients.
  • For upper-level corporate patrons, special invitations to join us at toy giveaway and other events, based on their location.

What Other Companies Have Partnered with TTF?

View our current Corporate Patrons donor list!