Tips for Working with the Media

  • Think locally. Target your favorite local TV stations and websites that support your community. Don’t forget about your school newspaper and the websites (blogs, Facebook, etc.) that your parents visit!

  • Go to the websites of local media to find their contact information.  Typically you can find names and phone numbers under the “Contact Us” section.  If you can’t find what you need, call their offices and explain that you’re looking for a local events contact.

  • Email is the best way to communicate; send an email with all the key details about your event.  Be sure to follow-up once within a day or so.

  • Be prepared!  If media come, be ready to talk about why you are “Making a Stand for Kids” and show off the stand.  When you are talking to the media during an interview or when inviting them to come to your stand, feel free to use some of the Make A Stand for Kids Key Messages.

  • If a reporter wants to speak with someone from the Toy Industry Foundation, just let us know.  You can contact the TIF’s media representative, Adrienne Appell, by phone at 646.520.4863 or via e-mail at

  • Don’t be nervous.  If you’ve never been on camera, tell the reporter and they’ll help you feel at ease.  Just relax and have fun … this is your day!

  • Be sure to ask the reporter when the story will run so that you can either watch yourself on TV or pick up the newspaper/magazine.

  • Let us know about your coverage!  Post a link on our Facebook page or send your stories to

Template Documents

  • Calendar Listing
    Send to local websites and papers that list events going on in your town. In many instances, you can go online and add the information into their online calendar section yourself. You should send information about your listing as far in advance as possible. (If you decide to do the stand at the last minute this is a step you can skip, since the deadline will have probably already passed.)

  • Media Advisory 
    Send to local TV stations, papers and websites who you want to attend to your stand opening.   This should go out a few days before so that the media can plan on attending.

  • Press Release 
    Send this document on the day your stand opens for business.  Send it to TV stations, papers and websites who you’d like to write about your stand.  If you have a picture of your stand, include that with the press release.