Welcome to “Make a Stand for Kids”! 

Kids Helping Kids“Make a Stand for Kids” is a new program from the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF) that provides a fun and engaging way for kids, communities and companies to help give  the gift of play to other kids.  The program empowers children to make a difference and learn about the importance of charity and giving back to their communities and those who are less fortunate.

Proceeds from kid-run refreshment (e.g. lemonade, cider, cocoa, etc.) stands will be used by the Foundation to distribute toys and make play possible for children in crisis or other stressful situations. 

The very first step is to read and agree to the Fundraising Guidelines below.  (If you’re under 18, you’ll need to get your parents to read and give their permission for you to participate). 

By clicking the  “Yes, I Agree – Please Continue” link below you’ll have access to a whole bunch of resources – tips for setting up your stand, recipes, downloadable logos and signs, even sample press releases – that will help you get started!

If you have any questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly at MakeAStandforKids@ToyIndustryFoundation.org!

Fundraising Guidelines and Consent

I agree to and understand the following in relation to the “Make a Stand for Kids” program in support of the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF):

  • (For parental consent) My child/children has/have my permission to set up a stand and raise money for the TIF.
  • I or my child/children will be collecting funds for the TIF and this money will be donated to the TIF upon completion of the stand.  We will not use the TIF name to raise money for ourselves or other charities.
  • It is up to me to contact the local town or police department to understand any laws, restrictions or regulations that my town has in relation to setting up a stand of this nature.
  • The TIF is not responsible for the products sold at the stand – these are solely under my discretion.
  • The TIF is not responsible for the location and safety of me or my child/children and/or their stand; these program elements are solely under my discretion.
  • The TIF is not responsible for any mishaps, injuries or legal happenings at the stand.

By clicking  “Yes, I Agree – Please Continue” below:

  • I consent to my child’s/children’s participation in the “Make a Stand for Kids” program
  • I acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older.