Hello “Make a Stand for Kids” Participants!

Make a  Stand for KidsTHANK YOU for helping the TIF help kids in need!  We’re so excited to have your participation. Let’s get started:

Step 1:  Design Your Stand 
Be creative!  You can set up a simple table and sign or build something more elaborate.  How you aset up your stand is totally up to you.

Decorate your stand with the Make a Stand for Kids logo, the Toy Industry Foundation logo or other graphics that are available for download on our Graphics and Signage page.  You can also come up with your own logos and signs using these images or others you develop on your own. 

And don’t forget to take a picture of your booth and post it to our Facebook page

Step 2:  Find a safe location for your stand
Never operate your stand alone.  Have your classmates, friends and older brothers and sisters join you. Ask your parents or teacher to help you find a safe location to set up your stand and to supervise. They may want to contact the police department in your town to see if there are any restrictions, rules or permits you need (every town is different).  Never approach anyone in a car to make a sale.

Step 3:  Decide what you want to sell
Gather all your supplies … cups, napkins, ice (if needed), cooler or thermos, pitchers, drinks and snacks, other items you plan to sell (cookies or brownies, etc.). Need some inspiration?  Check out our list of recipes and other important Safety Tips.

REMEMBER:  Have an adult help you, especially if using a sharp knife to slice lemons or make anything hot! 

Step 4:  Spread the word
Let your community know when and where you’ll be “OPEN FOR BUSINESS!” Local media may even be willing to help you spread the word.

Working with reporters can be fun and exciting, but at the same time, a little overwhelming. We’ve created a Media Tips page to make it really easy for you … just fill in the highlighted areas of the templates with details of your stand. And remember to be polite and cheerful! Smile at your customers and thank them for stopping by.

Step 5:  Keep your earnings secure
Prices are up to you … charge whatever you think is fair for the items you sell at your stand. You may also want to leave a jar out or ask your customers if they would like to make a cash donation to the Toy Industry Foundation in addition to anything they purchase at your stand.

Be sure to have a safe place at your stand to store the money you collect. Ask your parents or another adult to supervise your sale.  When you’re done, your parents can send the money to he Toy Industry Foundation online, by phone or mail.

Step 6:   HAVE FUN!!!  Share your stories!
Have a great time running your own business and collecting donations that will help other kids enjoy their playtime as much as you enjoy yours. 

The fun doesn’t have to end once you close the stand! Share stories about your customers … cool ways you drew traffic to your stand … awesome recipes for tasty treats … and more.   Inspire others to make a difference!  Post to our Facebook page or send your stories to makeastandforkids@toyindustryfoundation.org.

If you have any questions as you start your stand, please visit www.MakeAStandForKids.org to find a full FAQ and contact information.

Thank you again for joining our program to bring toys to kids everywhere!

Playfully Yours,

Jean Butler
Executive Director, TIF