Frequently Asked Questions

Make a Stand for KidsQ:  What is “Make a Stand for Kids”?

A:   “Make a Stand for Kids” is a new program from the Toy Industry Foundation (TIF) that provides a fun and engaging way for children, communities and companies to get involved and help give the gift of play to other kids.  Proceeds from kid-run lemonade stands will be used by the Foundation to distribute toys and make play possible for children in crisis or other stressful situations. 

*Could be lemonade, apple cider, hot chocolate … whatever is appropriate for the season and region.

Q:  What is the Toy Industry Foundation?

A:  The Toy Industry Foundation (TIF) brings joy, comfort and learning to children in need by donating toys and grant funding to worthy children's charities. The toy industry’s own foundation, TIF is generously supported by toy companies who donate new toys and by companies and individuals who provide monetary donations.  Toys are distributed to national partners serving military families and foster children, as well as to local charities serving underserved, at-risk and homeless children throughout the U.S. and around the world.

For more information, visit the other pages of the Toy Industry Foundation website.

Q:  Do I need to register to be part of this program?

A:  There’s no official registration process, but we do ask that you and/or your parents read our Fundraising Guidelines and that an adult give consent before getting started.

Q:  My child wants to set up a stand, but I’m not sure if my town has any laws or restrictions on this.  How do I find out?

A:  Please contact your local police department to find out about any laws, restrictions or permits that you may need.

Q:  My school/camp/girl or boy scout troop wants to get involved.  Can we do that?

A:  Absolutely!  How and where you set up your stand is up to you. 

Q:  Can we sell more than lemonade?

A:  Yes, be creative in what you sell at your stand.  You could sell iced tea, brownies, cookies … or even apple cider and hot chocolate when the weather gets cooler.  Check out our downloadable recipes for inspiration!  Just be sure to ask your parents’ permission before you do anything.   Remember, too, to review these important safety tips.

Q:  How much should I charge for the things I sell at my stand?

A:  Prices are up to you.  Whatever you think is fair is what you should charge. You may want to leave a jar out or ask your customers if they would like to make a cash donation to the Toy Industry Foundation in addition to anything they purchase at your stand.

Q:  Where do we send the money that’s been raised?

A:  On the  "Donate Cash" section of the TIF website, you’ll find three options on how to send in your money:  online, mail and by phone. Pick the one that works best for you. 

Q:  I didn’t earn a lot of money, should I still send it in?

A:  Yes, every little bit helps!

Q:  How does the TIF use the money?

A:   The TIF will use the proceeds from “Make a Stand for Kids” to help get new toys, games and grant monies into the hands of worthy children's charities.

Q:  I want to invite the media to my stand.  Can I do that?

A:  Absolutely!  We’ve put together some tips, messages and template media materials for you to use when inviting media to stop by your stand. 

Q:  The media is coming to my event, but wants to talk to someone from the TIF. What do I do?

A:  If you have media who would like to talk to the TIF, please direct them to the Foundation’s media contact, Adrienne Appell (; 646.520.4863) who can provide a quote or other information.  And don’t forget to check out the media tips we’ve put together for you. 

Q:  Do I need to put up any signage on my stand to be official?

A:  We want you to be as creative as you’d like with signs for your stand.   However, we suggest that you include the official “Toy Industry Foundation’s Make a Stand for Kids” logo so that everyone knows you’re doing your part to help support a good cause. 

Click here for a few sample signs that you can download and print out at home for use on your stand.

Q:  Is there a deadline for sending in my money?

A:  No, the Toy Industry Foundation accepts donations all year round.

Q:  Can I donate toys instead of money?

A:   Unfortunately the TIF cannot accept toys from the public, only from toy companies.  But remember … every dollar raised at your lemonade stand will really make a difference to a child in need!