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Leaders Circle Members

Leaders CircleOur Leaders Circle is a year-round program for individuals dedicated to making play possible for children in need. Your personal cash donation of $250 or more enrolls you in the Leaders Circle, a group dedicated to funding critical programs that impact youth in the U.S. and around the world. Thank you to our Leaders Circle members for supporting our core programs and national partnerships.

Diamond ($2,500+)

Caren Shalek
David and Linda Hargreaves
Maggie Young
Michael Kohner
Neil and Amanda Friedman
Pat Feely
Pete & Molly Henseler

Platinum Plus ($1,500-$2499)

Andy Weiner
Fred Lifschutz
Gerrick Johnson
Howard Beige
Michael Varda
Nancy Zwiers
Richard & Michelle Barry
Robert Pasin
Verrecchia Family

Platinum ($1,000-$1,499)

Al and Lisa Kaufman
Alan G. Hassenfeld
Andrea Barthello
Arnie Rubin
Bob & Amy Wann
Charlie Emby
Gerald V. Cleary
Geoffrey Greenberg
Jerry Smith

John & Susan Gessert
John Amerman
Michelle Litzky
Reuben Klamer
Rick and Lori Locker
Robin & Jim Engle
Tim Kilpin
William To

Gold ($500-$999)

Anthony Tesoro
Bonnie Canner Preiser
Christopher Johnson
Genna Rosenberg
Howard Friend
James A. Pepe
Janene Hoyt
Jerry & Jane Perez
John Frascotti
Judy Ellis
Laurie Sharrock Billing & Ducan Billing

Leslie Friedland
Mark Zeller
Michael & Patricia Conger
Particia Cacciola
Robert Grey
Salli & Stephen Mickelberg
Shirley & Paul Price
Steve & Wendy Pasierb
Thomas J. Kalinske
Thomas Keoughan

Silver ($250-$499)

Amanda & Kevin Johnson
Anne McConnell
Barbara Finigan Fitzgerald
Beatrice Pardo
Bernadette Boyle
Bert Reiner
Carter Keithley
Christina Gregory
Christine Oda
Elizabeth Kolodner
Fendy Susanto
Greg Miller
Hymie Dweck
Jeffrey Kennis
Jerry Smith
JoAnn and Albert Marengo
Joel Berger 
Julian Montoya 
Julianne Lennett

Lee Ann Taylor
Linda Kapnick
Lisa McKnight
Lynda Hwang
Madeleine Hunter
Mary & Gerardus Verdegaal
Maura Regan
Nellie Mahabir
Peter Tiger
Rita Chang & William Quinlan
Ron Reyes
Ryan Walsh
Sean McGowan
Skip & Nicole Kodak
Steve Meyer
Tess Pintchik
Tim Walsh
Voin & Ljubica Todorovic
Wesley Murrary

This list is current as of 2/12/2018.

You can join the 2018 Leaders Circle by donating $250 or more today. Support children in need while receiving fun and valuable membership benefits.

Thank you to the Leaders Circle members for making play possible for so many children.