Perspectives from a Play Your Part Volunteer 

Play Your PartAugust 14, 2018 | The Toy Foundation’s (TTF) “Play Your Part” events are a great way for members of the toy community to share the gift of play with underserved kids in their local area. Children who attend these events get to enjoy a day of play featuring toy industry-sponsored games and activities, and a toy distribution allowing them to take home brand-new donated toys. The willingness of toy professionals to take time out of their busy workdays to participate is a major reason why the events are so successful. 

Chicago-based T.S. Shure, a leader in providing innovative and educational toys, games, and books to children, has sponsored and sent volunteers to the Foundation’s Play Your Part events since 2015. Toy News Tuesday editors sat down with Play Your Part Chicago volunteer Maggie Morgan, marketing director at T.S. Shure, to get her perspective on why being a volunteer is so rewarding.

Why do you feel it is important to volunteer at an event like PYP?

Play is an important part of growing up, and all children should experience the joy of toys! Volunteering at Play Your Part Chicago gives me the opportunity to share in this moment with those who need it the most and build new community relationships.

What activities did T.S. Shure sponsor this year at Play Your Part Chicago?

We set up activities including a wooden magnetic fishing game, where kids had to capture magnetic fish to win a prize. We also had T.S. Shure mini golf, croquet, and hockey games to encourage physical activity and help younger kids build hand-eye coordination. It was fun for them to accomplish a goal and fulfilling for us to see their excitement when they completed their course. Kids love to win, and there was some good competition!

Can you describe to others the emotional reaction you have when you volunteer?

To watch kids of all ages enjoying a day of play is a very special experience. We know they are likely dealing with stressful situations at home and probably don’t have many, if any, toys to call their own. To see the joy in their faces by being able to just be a kid is a wonderful feeling and very rewarding. It’s also really satisfying to see volunteers from many companies working together to create a fun environment for the kids.  

Why should other toy industry professionals volunteer at our Play Your Part events?

All toy industry professionals should experience Play Your Part – they won’t regret it. The events are an amazing way to get involved, give back to the community, and make connections with industry peers and local organizations.

To find out more about how you can participate in future Play Your Part events, visit The Toy Foundation’s website.